Charlie’s Rescue, A Christmas Story

The old woman locked the door to her apartment and turned toward the stairway. Elizabeth held the leash tightly with one hand and the railing with the other as she began her journey to the first floor. “C’mon, Charlie, let’s go to the butcher shop before the snow gets too deep. Ole Ralph promised toContinue reading “Charlie’s Rescue, A Christmas Story”

A Visit With Author Jay Padar

My guest today is Jay Padar. Jay, a Chicago police officer, and his dad, James, retired CPD, have written an anthology of interesting and compelling stories about their time on the job. Please introduce yourself and tell the readers about your background, where you live, and when you began writing. My name is Jay Padar andContinue reading “A Visit With Author Jay Padar”

Meet Hard-Boiled Detective, Ben Solomon

Please introduce yourself, when you began writing, etc. I’d first like to thank John for this swell interview. A little further on I mention encountering plenty of gracious and generous folk online, and this is a prime example. As for me, I’m a lifetime Chicagoan. I’ve always had my hand in one art form orContinue reading “Meet Hard-Boiled Detective, Ben Solomon”

A Visit With Author J.L. Greger

Today I’m visiting with JL Greger, scientist, professor, textbook writer and university administrator. Now, a fiction writer, her work inserts glimpses of scientific breakthroughs and tidbits about universities into her medial mysteries and suspense novels.   Please introduce yourself to my readers.   Hi. Although I no longer teach biology and do research at the UniversityContinue reading “A Visit With Author J.L. Greger”

Author Interview with J. Allen Hill

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about your background. My name is J. Allen Hill. I am a first time novelist with a PhD in Living – a little conceit of mine, as much like my secretly adopted mentor, John Steinbeck, I have never completed a degree program. A Midwesterner by birth, an East Coaster byContinue reading “Author Interview with J. Allen Hill”