Science Makes a Great Mystery

Today I visit with J.L. Greger a fellow novelist and member of the Public Safety Writers Association. I’m sure you’ll find her new novel intriguing. Enjoy! Do you realize how many mystery and thriller writers have science backgrounds? Consider Arthur Conan Doyle (physician), Agatha Christie (apothecaries’ assistant during World War I) Michael Crichton (physician byContinue reading “Science Makes a Great Mystery”

New and exciting novel: River Spirits, available now!

A VISIT WITH AUTHOR, MARILYN MEREDITH   Avoiding the Jessica Fletcher Syndrome In both my series, murder does happen in small towns. And yes, I’ve thought about the Jessica Fletcher syndrome. In the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, the small town is near larger towns and the murders that happen seem possible —plus it’s a SouthernContinue reading “New and exciting novel: River Spirits, available now!”

Meet Author Kurt Kamm

Today I’m hosting author Kurt Kamm. First responders and the hazards they face and deter are at the heart of the fact-based mystery novels of Malibu, California author, Kurt Kamm. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia Law School, Kurt had a successful career as a financial executive and CEO before immersing himself in theContinue reading “Meet Author Kurt Kamm”

Organizing Your Novel

Are you an architect or a gardener? I’ve had several conversations with authors regarding how they organize their writing process. It’s interesting to discover that no two writers are alike regarding how they navigate the various stages of planning, writing, re-writing, and editing. The spectrum is broad, and ranges from those who are structured, i.e.,Continue reading “Organizing Your Novel”

A visit with author John Ouellet

Today my guest is John Ouellet, a former FBI colleague in the Detroit Division. John, I know you recently retired and just had your first novel published. That’s exciting news I’ll want my readers to learn about. Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog. Please introduce yourself and tell the readers aContinue reading “A visit with author John Ouellet”