My latest novel, The Storm, is available in print and Kindle.

Two of my short stories are included in a Christmas anthology published by Castle Rock Press. It’s available on Amazon. Click here: An Unorthodox Christmas

Xmas book

Healer, The Storm, and The Year Without Christmas are also available at The Agora Café in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

I recently released three of my favorite novels in a 2nd Edition.

2nd edition Collage

You must try my recipe in a new cookbook containing recipes exclusively from my fellow authors at Oak Tree Press. Find it here: Recipes by the Book Oak Tree Authors Cook.


4 thoughts on “News

  1. Thanks for sharing, John . I meant to put this writing conference on my list of things to attend if the budget allows. Unfortunately, this year is booked up but maybe next year. Have a great time.

  2. Hi, John, thought I had your email, but being the technical twit that I am, I can’t find it. But I did find you this way!! Just by luck, I assure you.

    John, I bought HEALER at the St Matthew’s Craft fair and after my Christmas readings and my Easter readings, I finally got to it. I cannot tell enough how much I enjoyed this book. Two points in particular…you know my work with orphan care, innocents who have done nothing to deserve this situation and, yet, know life can be better “if only” there was a family. So I was completely drawn in. Billy’s challenges echoed tidbits of conversations, or I should say, “statements” made by my granddaughter. Many tears often throughout the readings.

    Billy asking God, “Now, God? Is this the person? What do you want me to do?” This young boy asked the same questions I ask. I’ve worked for the Sagarmatha Children’s Home since 2009 but the expenses are still there and adoptions are not open , and have not been open since 2010! When he would ask, I knew is confusion. Very poignant for me.

    I have to add that when I pictured Billy, I did have your grandson in my mind’s eye. Thank you for the read, it was great! Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol, for your kind comments. Your response is exactly why I continue to write.

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