Amazon Book Rankings

 Sharing this from my Oak Tree Press publisher, Billie Johnson. I think there is much confusion among both readers and authors concerning the sales rank of books. The Amazon SALES RANK number is not a citation of the number of books sold. The SALES RANK number only tells the title’s rank in relation to all the otherContinue reading “Amazon Book Rankings”

Meet Robert Weibezahl, Author, Actor, Singer

Robert, please introduce yourself, tell the readers when you began writing, etc. I began writing when I was a teenager, but aside from a few poems and stories in school literary magazines, I didn’t start publishing until much later. My first book was the literary cookbook, A Taste of Murder, co-written with Jo Grossman. MyContinue reading “Meet Robert Weibezahl, Author, Actor, Singer”

A Visit With Author J.L. Greger

Today I’m visiting with JL Greger, scientist, professor, textbook writer and university administrator. Now, a fiction writer, her work inserts glimpses of scientific breakthroughs and tidbits about universities into her medial mysteries and suspense novels.   Please introduce yourself to my readers.   Hi. Although I no longer teach biology and do research at the UniversityContinue reading “A Visit With Author J.L. Greger”

Meet Author Jackie Taylor Zortman

Please introduce yourself, when you began writing, your background, where you live, etc. I began writing, mostly poetry, back in 1990.  Poems would come to me intact and I couldn’t just sit down and write one because I wanted to.  These soon evolved into articles and short stories and now, into a book.  I amContinue reading “Meet Author Jackie Taylor Zortman”