Is Cursive Cursed?

A recent ABC News report suggested that cursive handwriting is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Students rarely use or practice this once standard form of communication. In fact, one high school principal suggested that cursive may become a skill students must learn outside of the classroom because schools are focused on “real-world” job related skills involving technology.Continue reading “Is Cursive Cursed?”

Do You Write Simply?

Have you ever wondered about your writing? Is it too formal, overly descriptive, or perhaps, too simple? You can analyze your writing by using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, which indicates comprehension difficulty when reading a passage of contemporary academic English. Be prepared for a surprise if your writing scores high, it means it’s easily understoodContinue reading “Do You Write Simply?”

Which Book Genres Earn The Most Money?

When planning to write a novel, advice comes from many sources—friends, fellow writers, and of course, one’s own research. Sage advice often stresses, “Write what you know.” That’s sound advice for sure, but if your motivation to write is to have many people buy and read your work, you must know what people are reading.Continue reading “Which Book Genres Earn The Most Money?”

Meet Author Kurt Kamm

Today I’m hosting author Kurt Kamm. First responders and the hazards they face and deter are at the heart of the fact-based mystery novels of Malibu, California author, Kurt Kamm. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia Law School, Kurt had a successful career as a financial executive and CEO before immersing himself in theContinue reading “Meet Author Kurt Kamm”

Organizing Your Novel

Are you an architect or a gardener? I’ve had several conversations with authors regarding how they organize their writing process. It’s interesting to discover that no two writers are alike regarding how they navigate the various stages of planning, writing, re-writing, and editing. The spectrum is broad, and ranges from those who are structured, i.e.,Continue reading “Organizing Your Novel”