Whaaat? Print Books Are Back?

Armageddon for the printed word never materialized, it passed us by. Well at least that’s what we expected when eBooks arrived on the scene. Five years ago, we (authors) feared the printed word was on the way out and that to see our work in print would be the exception rather than the rule. BetweenContinue reading “Whaaat? Print Books Are Back?”

Which Book Genres Earn The Most Money?

When planning to write a novel, advice comes from many sources—friends, fellow writers, and of course, one’s own research. Sage advice often stresses, “Write what you know.” That’s sound advice for sure, but if your motivation to write is to have many people buy and read your work, you must know what people are reading.Continue reading “Which Book Genres Earn The Most Money?”

New and exciting novel: River Spirits, available now!

A VISIT WITH AUTHOR, MARILYN MEREDITH   Avoiding the Jessica Fletcher Syndrome In both my series, murder does happen in small towns. And yes, I’ve thought about the Jessica Fletcher syndrome. In the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, the small town is near larger towns and the murders that happen seem possible —plus it’s a SouthernContinue reading “New and exciting novel: River Spirits, available now!”

Promoting Your Book

Last week I attended the Public Safety Writers Association Conference. One of the presenters was Patricia Fry, a full-time writer, speaker, consultant, editor and the author of 39 books. Patricia spoke about author promotion, emphasizing that the role falls to the author, rather than the publisher. Here are some important points to consider about bookContinue reading “Promoting Your Book”