Common Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors that bear mentioning again. Some seem like common sense, however, writers continue to make the same mistakes. I’ve listed a few of them below: Mixing tense. This error is common. Using too many dialogue tags, e.g., he said, she said, particularly when only two people are speaking. Clichés—avoid them. You can program MSContinue reading “Common Grammatical Errors”

More About Self-Editing And Robots?

If you’re like me, self-editing never works flawlessly. I consistently miss things which are obvious to another person reading my work. Misspelled or out of context words, missing punctuation and missing words, are often overlooked because the brain automatically knows what should be there and has us see it that way. For those reasons, it’sContinue reading “More About Self-Editing And Robots?”