Marilyn Meredith’s New Novel

  Welcome, Marilyn, you’ve visited with us before. Refresh our memories and tell us a little bit about Marilyn Meredith. I use the name F. M. Meredith for my Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series.  Besides being a writer, I’m a mom, grandma and great-grandma. I’ve been married over 60 years to the cute sailor IContinue reading “Marilyn Meredith’s New Novel”

Chris Swinney Rereleases Gray Ghost

  Life is full of ups and downs. Early on in my career in law enforcement I’d say I was a glass half empty kind of guy. However, working the streets and becoming a homicide and narcotics detective made me appreciate just how fortunate I am. Eventually, I’d become a glass half full kind ofContinue reading “Chris Swinney Rereleases Gray Ghost”

How Reading Can Make You A Better Writer

One of my favorite writing quotes comes from George Orwell who said, “Good writing is like a windowpane.” His quote is a simple statement, yet it conjures up a vision of looking into others’ lives and watching them as they navigate through good times and bad. But how does reading make one a better writer,Continue reading “How Reading Can Make You A Better Writer”

How To Be A Successful Blogger

  I recently returned from a writers’ conference where I learned a great many valuable tips from fellow writers. One of the ways by which writers can get their work “out there,” is to use social media and blogs. That said, my friend and fellow author, Marilyn Meredith*, shared her insights on blogging. Keep itContinue reading “How To Be A Successful Blogger”

Developing characters for your novel.

When I begin to write a novel, I’ve already formed a picture in my mind about the story’s protagonist. I know the role that character will play, and I have a general idea about how he will interact with the other characters in the book. Those other characters will support and build my main character.Continue reading “Developing characters for your novel.”