Grammatical errors that bear mentioning again.

Grammar_nimishgoelSome seem like common sense, however, writers continue to make the same mistakes. I’ve listed a few of them below:

  • Mixing tense. This error is common.
  • Using too many dialogue tags, e.g., he said, she said, particularly when only two people are speaking.
  • Clichés—avoid them. You can program MS Word to catch them by using the Help menu.
  • Eliminate the word, that, whenever you can. And don’t use “it” and “thing,” they’re too vague.
  • It’s TV or television, but not T.V.
  • ID or identification, but not I.D.
  • These words at the beginning of a sentence do not require a comma:
    • But
    • And
    • So
    • Perhaps
    • Yet
  • These words do require a comma:
    • However,
    • Nonetheless,
    • For example,
    • For instance,
  • British spellings are often different from American:
British American
Grey Gray
Towards Toward
Backwards Backward
Colour Color
Realize realize