Interesting New Book by John Eldridge

Today I’m hosting John Eldridge, cop turned author, who is going to tell us a bit about his new book: Second Careers for Street Cops. John, please give my readers a thumbnail sketch of who you are. Hi John. Thanks for the opportunity to let your readers know a bit about me and my book.Continue reading “Interesting New Book by John Eldridge”

Amy Bennett’s Latest Black Horse Campground Mystery

Today I’m hosting my good friend and fellow author, Amy Bennett. Her latest mystery is now available and it’s sure to please readers who’ve followed Amy’s other novels. It’s finally here! As some of you know, I (and several fellow authors) ran into a snag with the release of our latest books last year. OurContinue reading “Amy Bennett’s Latest Black Horse Campground Mystery”

Meet author David Coppage

Today I’m hosting David Coppage, author of They Paid Me For This?: Stories From Over Three Decades in Law Enforcement. Tell us about your new book, David. My book is a memoir of my more than thirty years in law enforcement, including five years as a local police officer in Montgomery, AL, followed by 28Continue reading “Meet author David Coppage”

Bronx Justice: An NYPD Novel

Today I’m hosting Bob Martin, former NYPD captain, who has a new novel called, Bronx Justice. Bob, tell us about your book. Sure, John. The book is based on a case I worked as a captain with the Bronx Homicide Squad in 1990. We had a black drug gang, The Crew, team up with someContinue reading “Bronx Justice: An NYPD Novel”