The Real Story About Cops

Today I’m hosting Ben Celano, author of BEAT COP, CHICAGO BLUE, Reflections of a “Street Grunt,” books one and two. As a former Chicago police officer, I enjoy reading books written by my former colleagues. Please join me as we  learn a little bit about Officer Celano and his books. Ben, please give my readersContinue reading “The Real Story About Cops”

Thirty Years Worth of Cop Stories

Today I’m pleased to host retired Chicago Police Sergeant Larry Casey. His book, Stories of a Chicago Police Officer: Serious, Hilarious, Unbelievable, but True, is a collection of personal anecdotes culled from his 30 years’ experience working the streets of the ‘Windy City.’ By way of background, Larry’s grandfather and father were both Chicago cops,Continue reading “Thirty Years Worth of Cop Stories”

Janet Greger’s New Offering Hits The Mark

Good friend and fellow author, Janet Greger, loves to create new ways for her readers to enjoy her mysteries. In her latest novel, Riddled With Clues, her tale is rife with riddles that challenge the reader and enhance the story. Join me in welcoming Janet to my blog as she explains her take on creatingContinue reading “Janet Greger’s New Offering Hits The Mark”