Should You Join A Writing Critique Group?

One of the problems writers encounter is assessing their work. How does one determine if the piece they’ve so studiously worked on is worthy of being published?  The danger in asking one’s spouse, or other family members for their opinion, is that an honest answer isn’t always forthcoming. Who is comfortable criticizing their partner? CriticismContinue reading “Should You Join A Writing Critique Group?”

Meet Author Bob Doerr

Today, I’m pleased to welcome a friend and fellow author to my blog, Mr. Bob Doerr. Bob served our great nation for twenty-eight years as a criminal investigator in the Air Force. His background is exceptional. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and also later received a Masters in International Relations. Bob is aContinue reading “Meet Author Bob Doerr”

On Becoming Published

Writers have more options today than ever before to get their work “out there.” In addition to the conventional route, utilizing agents and query letters to established publishing houses, there now exists a host of small presses that are willing to take on new authors. However, not all small presses are the same. A potentialContinue reading “On Becoming Published”


The electronic age has allowed writers to sit in the publishing driver’s seat, rather than the publisher. Traditional publishers have seen their revenues decline, along with brick and mortar book stores, with the advent of self-publishing and ebooks. Some self-pubbed books have even hit the best seller list. Whereas rejection letters used to mean the end ofContinue reading “Self-publishing”