A visit with Author Tracy S. Deitz

  Please introduce yourself, when you began writing, etc. My less-than-glorious start involved writing obituary announcements for a small daily newspaper in the 1980s, but I worked my way up to full-page feature stories. Since those early days, I’ve written two nonfiction books. The debut work, Employed by God: Benefits Packaged With Faith, focuses onContinue reading “A visit with Author Tracy S. Deitz”

Dialogue Tips

Dialogue Tips   Dialogue should do one of two things: move the plot along or reveal character “Said” and “asked,” are better than the multitude of other dialogue tags such as responded, agreed, etc. Better still, use the character’s action as a dialogue tag instead. “No way.” Dan pulled out his gun. Or use descriptionContinue reading “Dialogue Tips”

The Online Critique Group

In my last post, I discussed the importance of having one’s writing critiqued. In order to improve, constructive criticism is a necessity. That short story, poem, or novel may seem perfect to you the way it is written, but with a little help it may become fabulous and worthy of publication. If you do notContinue reading “The Online Critique Group”

Printed Book or Ebook?

What’s your favorite method of reading books, print or on electronic reading devices? The book industry is still in a quandary adjusting to readers’ preferences. Ebook sales are up 43%, which is very good growth. However, compared to the previous three years of triple-digit increases, that number indicates a leveling off in digital book sales.Continue reading “Printed Book or Ebook?”