Today, my good friend and fellow writer, Marilyn Meredith, joins me to talk about her HALLOWEEN MEMORIES, as well as to introduce her newest novel, Bones in the Attic. Enjoy!

Times were different when I was a kid. We went trick-or treating in groups. And I mean 10, 11, 12 year olds ventured out alone, and we also took younger ones along with us. The word was passed when we ran into other bunches of kids where the homemade goodies were being handMarilyn in Vegas 2[1948]ed out: fresh baked cookies, candied apples, popcorn balls. (Sadly today, no one would eat a homemade treat.)

One time, my group went home and I decided to continue on alone. (I was far too brave as a kid.) I went into a different neighborhood, climbed a flight of steps, knocked on the front door. I was answered by a man with a rifle in his hand. He glared at me. “Do you know what I do to trick-or-treaters?”

Believe me, I was scared. With a trembling voice, I said, “No, sir.”

He put down the rifle. “I give them candy.” And he did.

I nearly ran all the way home.

I also remember Halloween parties where we bobbed for apples and had scary, dark passages filled with spider webs and scary creatures to venture through.

We went all out when our kids were trick-or-treaters. We never bought costumes, but always made our own. The cleverest was when we made one of the boys a bookworm. He had a book made out of cardboard around him, wore green pants and painted his face green.

We decorated the front door, and sometimes the young visitors had to put their hands inside a scary looking box to get their treats.

My cousin still decorates his house as scary as can be with moving ghosts and graves with skeletons popping out, and he dresses up like a ghoul to greet the children—some run away in fright.

When we moved to the country where we are now, no one is brave enough to venture down our long scary lane except for grandkids whose parents bring them.

Bones in the Attic, Marilyn’s latest novel

Bones in the Attic[1947]
The discovery of a skeleton, a welfare check on a senior citizen, and a wildfire challenge the Rocky Bluff P.D.

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Marilyn Meredith, who writes the RBPD mystery series as F.M. Meredith, is the author of over 40 published books. She once lived in a small beach town much like Rocky Bluff and has many relatives and friends in law enforcement.

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