Meet author Janet Greger

Today I’m hosting author Janet Greger, who discusses her exciting new novel, Malignancy.

Malignancy has action, travel, romance, realism, and a middle-aged heroine. Does that sound like a contradiction of terms? I’m delighted John is giving me a chance to prove my statement is true today.Picture With Dog

I like to travel to interesting places for work and for pleasure. Thus I’ve consulted on science and educational issues in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, the Marshall Islands, and the Philippines. In 2013, I vacationed in Cuba. My Cuban tour guide spouted carefully rehearsed propaganda. However, one of her claims caught my attention. She said Cuban researchers had patented a drug for cancer.

When I got home, I investigated her claim. Researchers at the Center of Molecular Immunology in Havana patented a therapeutic cancer vaccine to treat a rare type of lung cancer. That got me thinking. The result is my novel MALIGNANCY.

Why the fuss about this one Cuban patent? This patent demonstrates Cuban scientists are doing competitive science and understand the importance of commercialization of their research. I also discovered Cuban were already visiting American universities, and U.S. scientists were trying to augment these scientific exchanges despite the U.S. embargo on Cuba. If you doubt me, check out the editorial “Science diplomacy with Cuba” in the journal Science on June 6, 2014.

I thought Sara Almquist, the epidemiologist and heroine of my previous medical thrillers Coming Flu and Ignore the Pain would be the perfect protagonist to do a little “scientific diplomacy” in Cuba.

Here’s a blurb on MALIGNANCY. Men disguised as police officers shoot at Sara Almquist twice in one day. The real police suspect Jim Mazzone, a drug czar who Sara has tangled with several times, will order more hits on Sara. Thus when colleagues in the State Department invite Sara to arrange scientific exchanges between the U.S. and Cuba, she jumps at the chance to get out of town and to see the mysterious Xave Zack, who rescued her in Bolivia again. Maybe, she should question their motives.

Why a middle-aged heroine? Let’s face it, a twenty or even thirty-something heroine hasn’t had time to get a Ph.D. and gain enough experiences to be an international science consultant. So Sara Almquist as a middle-aged woman is the logical heroine of Malignancy. Then too, I like to imagine Helen Mirren playing Sara, my heroine, not a ditzy blonde, who I’ll leave unnamed. (Please don’t comment on my flight of fancy.)

Cover- Malignancy 300Will you enjoy Malignancy?

Here’s what my host John had to say about the book”

Talk about authentic! While reading Malignancy, I had to remind myself it was a work of fiction. Greger’s professional background adds just the right touch of realism. An intriguing read.

What are you waiting for?

Malignancy is available at Amazon and Oak Tree Press: You can learn about me at my website:, at JL Greger’s Bugs: If you have questions, contact me at:

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